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Immigrant Visas
(Permanent Residency / Greencard)

Obviously, not all foreign nationals qualify for Permanent Resident status. Therefore, the first analytical step of a case is to determine whether the applicant's situation/basic fact pattern falls within any of the situations enumerated in the law for the acquisition of Permanent Resident status.

Pathway #1 Family-Based Immigration
Pathway #2 Employment-Based Immigration
  EB-2, Labor Certification
  EB-3, Labor Certification
Pathway #3 Refugee/Asylum: Fear of Persecution
Pathway #4 The Diversity Lottery Program
Pathway #5 Various Special Programs


Pathway #5 : Various Special Programs

From time-to-time, the Congress passes various special programs that afford foreign nationals the option for Permanent Resident status. Perhaps the programs of greatest potential relevance are: 1) the possibility of enacting an Amnesty Program; and 2) certain initiatives to provide Permanent Residence to children of unauthorized aliens who have attained a college education (i.e., the DREAM Act). In addition, our immigration laws contain certain provisions that confer Permanent Residence as a matter of law, such as: Registry, Suspension of Deportation, and certain Country-Specific measures.

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